Tellurian works with leading companies and public sector organisations to entrench environmental and sustainability principles into their business and business processes.

We are an experienced, modern and innovative team of environmental specialists who take a proactive approach to environmental issues, risk management and development permits.

Our approach ensures the best possible outcome for both our client and the environment.

Since we believe that managing risk is a key component to the success of any business, our environmental and risk management expertise will give your business the competitive edge.

Our team carefully manages key accounts with a personal touch. We employ our scientific qualifications coupled with extensive experience in the environmental and ecological fields to take on any project within these fields.

We have a comprehensive list of projects that we have successfully completed around the world.

Our services are unique in that we are also able to call upon a number of highly qualified sub-consulting specialists and are able to carefully scrutinize their work to ensure the best possible outcome of your specific application.